“I’ve had the privilege to work with Briess in the craft brewing industry for more than 19 years and I can honestly say I still LOVE it! The brewing community is a big family and many of the brewers that I’ve met over the years I now consider close friends. Access to some of the world’s finest beers, hanging out at a brewery or beer fest with friends….not a bad gig! Yes, I do have one of the best jobs in the world!” —Penny Pickart, Division Manage-Central. Siebel Institute. GABF judge.

Are you passionate about craft beer and brewing, got a penchant for building relationships and sales, and would like to be part of a family-owned company dedicated to American craft beer? Then check this out. Briess is seeking two Division Managers — one in the East and the other in the Southwest. These home-based positions offer the opportunity to work in a team environment while becoming immersed in American Craft Beer, traveling to breweries and industry events, and developing relationships and memories that can last a lifetime. To download the job postings, visit www.BrewingWithBriess.com. Scroll down for more comments from Sales & Marketing Department staff. (No one was harmed while extracting these testimonials from them. This is how our staff truly feels about working for Briess.)

“I have a rewarding job at Briess where I work with leaders in the brewing industry and technical foodies. My co-workers are positive, friendly, helpful and professional, with a strong work ethic. I enjoy working for an industry leader with a great history that is ever-changing and has a strong brand name.” Dana Backus — Marketing Assistant (and Sample Department guru who prepares and sends all those malt samples).
“Since stepping out of my brewing boots and jumping on the supplier side of the table with Briess almost 10 years ago, I have been fortunate to have worked with some truly wonderful and talented brewers I might otherwise have never met. I’ve built some great relationships with brewers and it’s rewarding when I can help them solve problems or just chat about what’s going on in the industry over a pint or two.” — Dave Richter, Division Manager-West. Award-winning brewer and former director of brewing operations for Hops Grillhouse & Brewery. GABF judge.

Don’t know much about Briess? Here’s a snapshot:

  • Next year marks the 140th anniversary of Briess family ownership and malting tradition
  • Briess is the only malting company in the world dedicated to the small-scale production of specialty malts for American Craft Beer
  • Briess is a vertically integrated grain processing company, in complete control of its barley supply chain from Wyoming to Wisconsin
  • Briess is growing in order to continue meeting the rapidly growing needs of American Craft Beer
  • The Briess staff includes some of the most widely recognized and respected brewers, scientists and sensory experts in North America.