American malt for American craft beer and food
Producing fine American malt for American craft beer and premium foods means starting with the best raw material. That’s why sourcing and managing a consistent supply of high-quality U.S. barley is a top priority at Briess.

To meet our needs, Briess turns to premium U.S. barley growing regions known for producing a consistent supply of high-quality barley, networks of highly experienced barley growers, limited competing crops, and capacity to increase production in the years ahead:

  • Bighorn Basin/northwest Wyoming—Flood irrigated, semi-arid agricultural region.
  • Bighorn Basin/southern Montana—Noted for dryland and irrigated production.
  • Midwest—Dryland farming in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota.

From grower to brewer and manufacturer, the Briess Barley Program is tailored to provide a continuous stream of high-quality raw material for multiple processes and specialty product lines. We believe it’s one of the most important things we do for our customers.

Beyond quality
In addition to quality barley, these regions offer resources and characteristics that align with our capabilities, product lines and the Briess culture.

  • Each region successfully produces a number of accepted barley varieties, including some bred specific to the region. Briess leverages this flexibility to secure the varieties and grades best suited for each product line. This is a win-win situation for the grower and Briess. A crop grown for one product line may also be suited for other product lines, typically increasing acceptance rates for growers.
  • Like Briess, many grower ranches are family-owned.
  • Like maltsters and brewers, Briess barley growers are passionate and knowledgeable of their craft, with a keen appreciation of the land they tend and crops they produce.
  • Flood Irrigation Projects in the Bighorn Basin are environmentally friendly; gravity delivers mountain water to the farmlands below, generating electricity that powers a great deal of the region.
  • Rail transportation to Briess operations in Wisconsin decreases the impact of transportation on the environment.