My favorite issue of Zymurgy magazine each year features the Gold Medal winning recipes in each category from the National Homebrew Competition (NHC.)  This year, a Double IPA recipe caught my eye.  It looked so good in fact, I contacted gold medal winner Randy Sauter to ask if I could feature it here for everyone. Lucky for all of us, he was happy to oblige.

“It started out as sort of a Pliny the Elder Clone. We can’t get Pliny here in South Dakota,” Randy states. “I’ve brewed it a number of times, making minor tweaks. I beefed it up some to 8.8% ABV. I guess there’s no need for modesty – it’s pretty darn good.”

Randy’s been brewing for close to 14 years.  He sticks to ales and has a couple go-to recipes in an American Porter and American Wheat. In 2014, he took bronze in the NHC, in the crowded 800+ entry category of IPA.

When asked if he had a favorite malt Randy stated, “I like Briess Brewers malt, I like the way it works. It just works well every time.”

You’ll find it’s the base of the Double IPA below, your gold medal winner out of 173 entries in this year’s National Homebrew Competition!

Randy Sauter’s Gold Medal Double IPA

Batch Size: 5 Gallons | Original Gravity: 1.075 | Final Gravity: 1.008 | ABV 8.8%

Recipe Notes: Mash at 150°F for 90 minutes.  Mash out at 168°F for 10 minutes.  90 minute boil.  Two weeks in secondary, dry hop in secondary.

14.19 lbsBriess Brewers MaltMash
0.75 lbsDextroseMash
0.64 lbsBriess 40L Crystal MaltMash
0.64 lbsBriess Carapils® MaltMash
3.7 ozColumbus Hops 13.1% AAU90 minutes, at start of boil
0.8 ozColumbus Hops 13.1% AAULast 45 minutes of boil
1 ozSimcoe® Hops 13.5% AAULast 30 minutes of boil
2.5 ozSimcoe® Hops 13.5% AAU0 min of boil, flameout
1 ozCentennial Hops, 8.8% AAU0 min of boil, flameout
1 ozCentennial Hops, 8.8% AAUDry hop, 14 days
1 ozColumbus Hops 13.1% AAUDry hop, 14 days
1 ozSimcoe® Hops, 13.5% AAUDry hop, 14 days
0.25 ozCentennial Hops, 8.8% AAUDry hop the last 5 days
0.25 ozColumbus Hops 13.1% AAUDry hop the last 5 days
0.25 ozSimcoe® Hops, 13.5% AAUDry hop the last 5 days
1.5 LWhite Labs WLP001 Yeast Make starter
0.5 tspYeast Energizer (in starter) 
2 tspCalcium Chloride (in mash) (optional)