Ever wonder where our barley is grown, how it’s transported, or what occurs so that it becomes the Finest Handcrafted Malt? Feeling a techy need to know more about steeping, germination, lab testing, or other malting processes? Please join us for our new “Journey of Malt” video series!

This 2 min 19-second video shows you how we manage the barley-growing process from seed to harvest. It includes 2020 footage from a combine as the barley that becomes your malt is harvested, inspected, and tested!

In the first two episodes, we take you from the Bighorn Basin region of Wyoming and Montana ─ to Wisconsin where our bright, plump barley is expertly coaxed into becoming the finest handcrafted malt!

This two minute and thirty-nine-second video takes you on a journey from WY to WI as our barley is transported carefully across the country in an eco-friendly way.

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