At the Buffalo Bill Dam next to the dam ball plug. L-R Shoshone District Water Manager Trent Reed, East Coast Briess DM Mike Killilea, Country Boy Brewing Nathan Coppage, Maine Beer Company Dan Kleban, and Midwest Briess DM Penny Pickart

On Thursday, November 7th Briess again hosted all 300 Briess barley growers for our post-harvest dinner celebration in Powell, Wyoming. This annual event has some growers driving from as far as southern Montana for the dinner, door prizes, swag bag of goodies, and a number of different beer samples we have available that showcase the end products of the barley they grow. We also have several guest brewers each year who will take the stage to talk about what high-quality WY/MT barley means to their beer. This year we had Kentucky’s Country Boy Brewing founder Nathan Coppage and Dan Kleban the founder of Maine Beer Company in, well, Maine.

Our barley growers in house! Park City Fairground building in Powell, WY

During the day prior to the growers dinner, we were able to tour all of the irrigation that makes this Bighorn Basin high elevation desert so unique and one of the best areas of the country for growing malt barley. The picture of the dam ball plug at the Buffalo Bill Dam (tallest dam in the U.S. before the Hoover Dam was constructed) above is where we started and we moved down thru the valley dropping in elevation as the water flows out to the fields. We also had stops at the Corbett Dam and the hydroelectric plant before touring the Briess elevator and seed plant.

A gorgeous day to pay a visit to the Corbett Dam in WY
Long shadows and some lingering snow on the ground at the Briess elevator in Ralston, WY
We toured our lab as well, here on the right is the extremely clean and bright barley from the surrounding Bighorn Basin that’s under flood irrigation and on the left some barley from dry land growing regions elsewhere in the U.S.–dark due to staining

After the dinner, we have a bunch of door prizes as free giveaways with the most coveted being the several homebrew kits as well as a giant wooden carving from local “Chainsaw Gal“! All in all a great evening — we appreciate the hard work and dedication to growing our exceptional quality barley you do for us each year!

One of the many door prizes at the dinner, this is a wood carving by local artist “Chainsaw Gal” of a grower and his dog (who has a siphon tube in his mouth)
Our malt display for the growers to check out what we turn their barley into
Everyone gets a place setting with the list of all available beers

From L to R: Briess President Ryan O’Toole and family owners Craig and Monica Briess. “Thank you growers!”