Burlington Sheraton • Burlington, Vermont • November 4 & 5, 2016

Advanced Extract Techniques

with Aaron Hyde


Join Briess’ Aaron Hyde, Director of Homebrewing and Division Manager – Brew South, at the BYO Boot Camp in Burlington, Vermont, November 4th & 5th for his course on “Advanced Extract Techniques.” In his seminar, he will teach you how you can kick your extract brewing up to another level. Aaron has written many articles for BYO, educating homebrewers on various topics including Small Batch Brew-In-A-Bag Experimentation, Why Malt Matters and Fresh is Best  – how you store your malt extract can impact the quality of your malt. 

Aaron works every day with malt extract and he’s ready to give you insider tips, tricks and advanced techniques to improve your extract brewing results. You’ll better understand how to design recipes using extract, when and how to add extract for the best results, perfecting steeping and partial-mashing with grains as part of your extract brew day, and much more.

Other Courses Offered at the BYO Boot Camp include:

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