With the launch of our new Mini Pail, I’m hoping to show you what I’m looking forward to brewing with this new package and size – namely, big beers.

Let’s start with a classic style and one of my favorites, English Barleywine. It’s a big beautiful malty beer, and the perfect style for our CBW® Pale Ale Mini Pail liquid malt extract (LME.) Briess Pale Ale LME is made from 100% Briess Pale Ale malt, an excellent base for any malty ale beer style.

Little Big Barleywine

Celebrate the New Year (or age for next New Year) by brewing up this British classic in fall! Big and rich, this massive beer has a warm alcohol presence, and round malt profile, deep amber color and big white creamy head.

Recipe for 5 US gallons (19L)

OG: 1.109 | FG: 1.025 | ABV: 11.24% | IBU: 51 | COLOR (SRM): 16

15 lbsBriess CBW® Pale Ale Liquid Malt Extract60 Minute Boil
1 lbBriess Ashburne® Mild Malt 20LSteeping Grain
1 lbBriess Caramel Malt 40LSteeping Grain
1 ozChallenger Hops (8.0% AAU)60 Minute Boil
1 ozChallenger Hops (8.0% AAU)30 Minute Boil
1 ozFuggle Hops (4.8% AAU)10 Minute Boil
3 packsWyeast 1028 London Ale™ YeastPrimary Fermenter


  1. Bring 3 gallons of water to 154°F.
  2. Steep grains at 154°F for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove grains and stir 7.5lbs of Pale Ale extract in until dissolved.
  4. Bring wort to boil.
  5. Add 1oz of Challenger hops.
  6. After 30 minutes, add 1oz of Challenger hops.
  7. Boil another 20 minutes and add 2oz of Fuggle hops.
  8. Boil 10 minutes, and turn heat off.
  9. Stir 7.5lbs of Pale Ale extract in until dissolved.
  10. Cool wort to 70°F. Transfer to fermenter.
  11. Add cold water to fermenter until you are up to 5 gallons total wort in fermenter.
  12. Pitch two packs of Wyeast 1028 London Ale™ yeast in to fermenter, or use a yeast starter.


Primary Fermentation: 3 weeks at 68°F -72°F.

Secondary Fermentation: Pitch additional yeast in secondary fermenter, and ferment for 4 weeks at 62°F -70°F.

Fermentation Notes: Force carbonate or bottle condition with ¾ cup dissolved priming sugar for 4-8 weeks.  Will improve with age.  Bottle condition for up to two years.