Three eggs have been laid and only one half of the pair remains a mystery. Our old friend Bartell is the father for the fourth year in a row, but the mother is an un-banded female who just started visiting recently.

It is Bartell!

Valcor, the female who frequented the nesting box for the four years prior to 2020, unfortunately, did not return. This new pair, however, chose the Briess nesting box on top of our 244′ grain elevator at our malt plant in Manitowoc Wisconsin as the place to hatch their eyasses (baby falcons). We expect more eggs to be laid through the end of this week for up to four total. Around 33 days from Sunday, April 5, we hope to see the first baby falcon emerge, with any others to follow 1-2 days later. This means that around May 8, you could see (in real-time) an eyass breaking free of its shell!

New to the Briess nesting box, this un-banded female keeps her first egg warm.

Post below to let us know what you spy via our falcon cam and add screenshots if you’ve captured any (please leave out feeding details). Did you know that peregrine falcons are the fastest animal when they are in a deep dive called a stoop? They have been clocked at more than 200 miles per hour, yet in a line of straight flight, most birds can match their speed and escape.

Newly Matched Pair of Falcon Parents

Falcons are soaring high above this worldwide crisis and we can live vicariously through them. Watching these spectacular birds makes it more apparent than ever that we all share this planet.

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