This past week I was asked to be on a panel to discuss “30 years of craft brewing” at the Pyramid Brewing location in Seattle.  It was a media driven event and there were over 30 industry people/beer writers in attendance.  The panel discussion was followed by an excellent beer pairing dinner + the release of their new IPL (India Pale Lager for you non-beery nerds) as well as the new seasonal Strawberry Saison.  Pyramid started brewing in 1984 as Hart Brewing (before it was hip) in the tiny town of Kalama, WA before eventually building a larger production brewery.  I was flattered to have been asked to be on the panel to go down memory road and though I have not been in the industry for 30 years starting my professional brewing career in 1992 is still pretty much ahead of the curve!  Congratulations Pyramid and cheers to another 30!

  • Kim Brusco, panelist, Pyramid Seattle lead brewer
  • George Hancock, panelist, The Phoenix Ale Brewery, Pyramid founder
  • Dr. Mellie Pullman, panelist, head of Business of Craft Brewing certificate program at Portland State; began career at Pyramid in 1980s
  • David Richter, panelist, Briess Malting Company
The panel of beer geezers
The panel of beer geezers
outstanding beer pairing dinner menu!
Outstanding beer pairing dinner menu!
Pyramid table 02 14
yep, every attendee recieved a free growler of Pyramid beer.
Yep, every attendee received a free growler of Pyramid beer.