Peter Batule, VP Brewery Operations at Upland Brewing Company.

Recently, I visited Upland Brewing’s newest location, The Wood Shop, which is dedicated to sour beers. Upland began brewing sour beers in March of 2006 and since that time they have grown an entire sour ale program dedicated to developing new, innovative beers that “help define the American sour beer movement.” The expansion of Upland’s sour ale program will aid in meeting their high demands, but more importantly, it gives them endless possibilities to experiment with new beers.

In the past, Upland primarily only offered their sour beers in 750ml bottles to their Secret Barrel Society or through an online lottery. This expansion now gives Upland more ways to sell and distributor their sour ales across the country. They will offer new bottle sizes, including 330ml and 500ml options, as well has certain ales will become available on draft.

The facility is named “The Wood Shop” a nod to the barrels used in aging Upland’s sour ales, as well as a term for the place where craftsmen tinker and experiment.