Founded in 1999, the Washington Brewers Guild held their first annual Brewers Summit on November 7-9 2019 in Puyallup, WA. With more than 400 breweries in the state, this was a much needed 3-day event and was the prelude to the South Sound Craft Beer Festival. The Summit Keynote speaker this year was economist Bart Watson of the Brewers Association who gave a good talk on WA beer scene and the changing craft brewing industry. Roger Bialous, co-owner of Georgetown Brewing, then addressed the sold-out crowd on “How to make a ‘small fortune‘ with a microbrewery”. This was all followed by some very well thought out breakout sessions on topics ranging from operations to marketing to branding your taproom — all topics chosen to help improve your brewery business.

Briess Brew West Division Manager Michael Forncrook at our trade show booth.

At our Briess booth for the trade show, we had fresh single malt wort samples produced with the Hot Steep Method — a big hit with attendees. If you’re unfamiliar with the Hot Steep Method, which Briess spearheaded creating, check it out here. It’s a lot more effective for sensory evaluation than just munching on whole kernel malt (and a fair bit quicker than ASBC Congress Wort method too!). Getting rave reviews from brewers all over the country, we also had samples of our new Blonde RoastOat® Malt

From the WBG Facebook page!

We look forward to participating in the Washington Brewers Guild Summit again in 2020!