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I’ve used mesquite in my smoker before and know how fast that potent mesquite flavor can overpower meat. But don’t let the style of the newest Briess smoked malt scare you away from trying it.

Briess Mesquite Smoked Malt is surprisingly smooth. It delivers a mellow mesquite smoke flavor without harshness, achieved through a blend of mesquite and other hardwoods. Flavors and characteristics also include:

  • Pronounced smoke
  • Upfront earthy mesquite
  • Slightly sweet (less sweet than Briess Cherry Wood Smoked Malt)
  • Smooth

Like Briess Cherry Wood Smoked Malt, Mesquite Smoked Malt is 5º Lovibond and 140DP. Usage rates starting at 5% will add noticeable smoke character in Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests, pronounced smoke character in these styles at 10-20%, and pronounced smoke character in darker styles like Stout and Porter at 30-60%.

Contact your Briess Division Manager or Briess directly for a sample and more information. Let us know what you brew with it!